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Saving Time And Increasing Recruiting ROI

Founded: 2015 Headquarters: Mumbai Industry: Internet / Mobile

Cityflo is an IIT-B alumni startup that is solving the problem of daily commute by revolutionizing how people travel to work using technology and data. The company is addressing a problem that affects millions of people twice a day, everyday.

Having received funding by a large VC firm, they are growing rapidly with new routes being added every week. To support their rapid growth and expansion, Cityflo is looking for smart, passionate and diligent candidates to join their software engineering team.

Ankit Agrawal
On Instahyre the conversion rate definitely becomes much higher, and you end up spending less time and you get a ROI in terms of quality of candidates you are able to hire.

A notch above recruitment agencies

With their high bar to hiring and being based out of Mumbai, talent was not easy to find for Cityflo. According to their co-founder Ankit Agrawal, it was rare to find such a combination in candidates.

Campus recruitments worked for junior hires up to a certain extent, but it has an unavoidable roadblock. “The disadvantage with campus recruitment is that it only happens once a year,” says Ankit. Recruitment agencies, on the other hand, were simply not able to match up to Cityflo’s hiring standards.

We used recruitment agencies and received around 100 profiles for the Frontend/Backend/iOS/Android positions, but I did not find the quality to be good enough. I wasn’t able to make a single hire through agencies in the 5-6 month period.

Ankit did not find success on passive hiring sources such as LinkedIn. “Platforms like Linkedin take much more time and effort since most candidates you approach aren’t looking for a job and even if they are looking they might not be looking for a job in your city,” he said.

Increasing recruitment ROI with relevant profiles

As a CTO with significant time constraints, Ankit was looking for a source that would provide him with the right quality of candidates. The Instahyre platform’s transparency in terms of being able to specify various parameters of a job opening including the location and salary range ended up yielding great results for Cityflo.

One thing that was clear from the beginning was that the quality of candidates I got from Instahyre was very high. Almost all candidates that we were getting on the platform were from product tech companies and came from good software engineering teams. Which made the conversion rate very high, so I was able to interview a lot of them and also able to convert some of them.
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