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Reducing Time-To-Hire While Spending Less Time

Founded: 2012 Headquarters: Gurgaon Industry: Internet / Mobile

Grappus specializes in crafting beautiful, engaging mobile experiences. The company delivers innovative mobility solutions that surpass customer expectations - building brand loyalty and nurturing continuous engagements. They build high quality products for startups and enterprise clients across iPhone, iPad, Android and the web. Grappus has worked with top companies such as Uber, Mercedes-Benz, and Aon Hewitt.

Bharat Gulati, founder of Grappus, has tried various online platforms to source talent. The main challenge he was facing with these platforms was that candidates would apply to his jobs, but would eventually drop due to unwillingness to relocate to Gurgaon. On the other hand, reaching out to potential candidates did not yield results as the response rates were extremely low.

Bharat Gulati
Our experience with Instahyre was pretty good. Till now we have used it for hiring senior level people, who are tech leads. I think the candidates are much better than on other platforms, and most of them were willing to change jobs.

On Instahyre, Bharat was able to define the key metrics for his openings, which ensured that he only received applications from candidates who were willing to work in Gurgaon, and matched the skill set and budget as well. For each candidate shown to him by Instahyre’s unique “matching” engine, Bharat was able to instantly access the candidate’s resume and salary, avoiding the need to engage with misfits.

Moreover, using Instahyre’s built-in communication tools, Bharat was also able to reach out to just candidates who were actively interested in new opportunities, resulting in a 10x response rate as compared to LinkedIn, and ultimately conversions.

The result was that Grappus was able to make their first hire on Instahyre within a few weeks of using Instahyre. In addition to valuable time saved, Grappus also realized substantial cost savings by using Instahyre.

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