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Founded: 2013 Headquarters: Bangalore Industry: Internet / Advertising

Founded in 2013 by IIT alumni, GreedyGame is an intuitive in-game native advertising platform disrupting the relatively new mobile-ad world. The platform seeks to replace the much-hated, mainstream and annoying “pop-ups” with contextual, in-game embedded ads, providing a seamless and un-intrusive experience.

Instahyre is contributing to our recruitment efforts at GreedyGame by 1) connecting us to the right kind of candidates, 2) adding a lot of good quality candidates to our pipeline, and 3) allowing us in connecting with both active and passive candidates.
Debdutta Pal
HR Manager

Hiring cultural fits is a challenge

We spoke to Debdutta Pal and Parinitha Ramprasad from the HR team at GreedyGame to understand the key challenges they face while recruiting talent. GreedyGame has already set a high workplace satisfaction bar with a 4.5-star rating on Glassdoor, and has a very high bar on the quality of candidates it interviews. “The quality of candidates we’re looking for is much higher than any other company. We’re also looking for people who want to join a startup,” says Debdutta.

According to Debdutta, on most portals, there are large numbers of candidates actively looking for a job but they may or may not be a fit for GreedyGame. Moreover, once the ‘profile’ fit is approved, the next challenge appears - the culture fit. This is where GreedyGame faced major challenges. Like all companies starting up, GreedyGame was overwhelmed with sourcing, screening, and calling each candidate to assess culture fit.

For a startup like ours where you're always running short on time, receiving a large number of irrelevant candidates doesn’t help us. We’ve to screen a number of applicants and only after speaking to them, we discover they’re not the right candidates.

The company has also tried various recruitment agencies, but the results were less than stellar. Debdutta explains, “We have worked with typical recruitment consultancies but there has been a slight disconnect with them. The issue was a mismatch of expectations. Even after communicating several times what we want, it didn’t really go through. What we want is not always quantifiable items, it’s to do with quality, which we’ll not be able to convey to them or they’re not able to grasp them which causes the disconnect.“

Using Instahyre to find the purple squirrels

Clearly, it is important for GreedyGame to interview only those candidates whose expectations on culture, goals and vision align with the company. Through its machine learning based matching algorithms, the Instahyre platform provided GreedyGame with a pipeline of precisely such candidates, helping the company save substantial time, effort and cost.

What we’ve resolved to a great extent by using Instahyre is the quality of candidates. I haven't heard questions in the beginning from candidates on Instahyre about perks or stability. They know what they're getting into. They want to know more about the startup, more about the founders. So, in terms of mentality and what they're looking for in their careers and what we're looking for is established in on a portal like instahyre.

Instahyre eliminates the problem of a large number of incompatible profiles that GreedyGame receives on other platforms. Moreover, Instahyre’s talent pool includes a substantial number of experienced candidates who avoid using traditional job boards. “On Instahyre, the number of candidates we receive is not in thousand but in dozens and those candidates are very well matched to our requirements. Also, there’s a very low probability that after speaking to the candidate we realise this is not a good pick,” as per Debdutta.

Built for recruiters

Instahyre’s focus on making the platform easy to use for recruiters has also benefit Debdutta. She says, “So, I've used a lot of platforms and I had to undergo a demo or a training to understand how to use it. That's not the case with Instahyre as it’s easy to use. What I really like about Instahyre is that it’s connected to my email inbox. Unlike other platforms, I don't have to login to some dashboard to check the status of the candidate or if someone has replied to me or not. It connects directly to my inbox.”

In conclusion, Instahyre has saved hundreds of hours of effort for GreedyGame’s recruitment team, while providing top quality hires and reducing recruitment costs.

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