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Founded: 2002 Headquarters: Mumbai Industry: Internet / Mobile

Pagalguy is India's largest education site and network for students who are looking to crack entrance exams. Founded in 2002, it serves as an online community for students looking out for enrolling into MBA and other programs. The platform currently has a user base of over 1 million students.

The company recently launched a mobile learning app called Prepathon, where users can ask, discuss, learn, set goals, share study plans from both coaches and other students. It has received funding from Blume Ventures to grow the Prepathon app.

Pagalguy has hired 5 software developers through the Instahyre platform. Instahyre has provided them with talent that is not available on other platforms, such as a developer with a degree from CMU, one of the world’s top-ranked computer science programs.


According to Sandeep Kalindi, Head of Technology at Pagalguy, the company primarily sources talent internally using various websites. Given their focus on finding the right cultural fit, the biggest challenge they face is a supply of talent.

Traditional platforms like LinkedIn and Naukri have not yielded results for Sandeep. Given the importance of time for someone in Sandeep’s positions, it is crucial for him to use the most efficient sources for talent.

On LinkedIn, I don’t know if the guy is looking for change or not. So that’s a major problem with such platforms. Naukri I don’t look at because it has too much noise than signal.
Sandeep Kalindi
Head of Technology

Pagalguy has also tried recruitment agencies, but found their services unsuitable for the needs of a startup. Sandeep looks for qualities like curiosity and ability in candidates, which is something that a third party is not equipped to evaluate.

“Agencies have a certain service in mind and every organization has it’s own idea of what service means, because the culture is different and kind of people they look for are different. So whenever I work with an agency organization it usually ends up in a misfit.”

Although Sandeep occasionally uses passive hiring sources like LinkedIn, Github and Stackoverflow, the results are slow and it takes him several months to get a hire on such platforms.

Instahyre has yielded quick results for Sandeep. The platform does not require Sandeep to message passive candidates who yield low conversion rates, but instead provides him with quality candidates who are actively interested in new opportunities. The result is a response rate of over 50% from candidates Sandeep reaches out to, in addition to the inbound applications he receives on Instahyre.

I use Instahyre to a good extent for a very simple reason that when I talk to candidates, I don’t have to pitch them.

Not only has Pagalguy been able to hire 5 software developers through Instahyre, as crucially, the quality of hires has been high. As an added bonus, Sandeep says that the pricing structure of Instahyre has worked very well for him.

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