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Founded: 2012 Headquarters: Gurgaon Industry: E-Commerce / Mobile

Roposo is a fashion discovery platform that employs a proprietary recommendation engine to match shoppers with the most relevant products according to their individual tastes. It is the Google of India’s fashion market.

The company’s founding team comes from IIT Delhi and it has raised over $21 million in funding from top investors like Tiger Global and Bertelsmann India, as well as Binny Bansal, co-founder of Flipkart.

Rimjhim Varma
HR Manager
Instahyre for us is working pretty well. The quality of candidates compared to any other platform we have worked with is very high. They are very decent in terms of communications and logical reasoning. The hit rate here has been good for us.

Key challenges for a fast-growing business

Roposo is always on a lookout for young, passionate individuals, and the HR team of 6 members, led by Mona Thangaraj, makes sure they are never short of talent. The team’s primary challenge has been to find in-demand mobile developers. With tremendous competition in the market to hire the best talent, it was crucial for Roposo to use the right strategy to hire people.

Sourcing for tech hiring is always a challenge. How do we get a profile that is really good? On LinkedIn, if you reach out to 20 people, only 5 would connect with you, of which only 2 are interested.
Praachi Pathak
Tech Recruiter

It’s not easy to find the right talent, explains Praachi Pathak, who recently joined Roposo from Zomato and focuses on tech hiring. “To find quality talent and fast has been a major challenge. There aren’t too many iOS and Android developers, and to find the best of the lot is a hassle because such candidates already have a lot of options.”

Traditional methods failed to deliver

The company has tried various options to source candidates. Recruitment agencies are costly and inefficient, while targeting passive talent did not yield a great investment on the time spent. “We’ve worked with many agencies, but only a few have worked for us up to some extent. We tried using Naukri in the past, but it hasn’t worked well for us. We do use LinkedIn but the results don’t show right away, and it’s very time consuming,” says Rimjhim Varma, HR Manager.

Accessing the right pool of talent on Instahyre

To reach high quality active candidates, Roposo uses Instahyre’s talent sourcing platform. Noting the shortcoming with LinkedIn, Praachi adds that “Hiring passive talent is a huge challenge, you have to keep reaching out to people.” On Instahyre, response rates are over 45%, which is almost 10x the of what companies see on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s search filters are very broad and require a lot of effort to use, whereas Instahyre narrows it down and provides just the relevant profiles without the need to use filters.

Instahyre provides the recruiter with resumes and contact information of all candidates, thereby substantially reducing the time to reach candidates. With the click of a button, the recruiter can send a personalized email to each candidate, crafted automatically by Instahyre’s proprietary technology.

For Roposo, along with technical skills, it is really important for a candidate to be a cultural fit. “We look at culture fit, passion for the domain and team fit as well. Roposo’s dynamic company profile on Instahyre allows them to create awareness of the brand with the right candidates, using Instahyre’s technology that matches the most relevant candidates to companies.

Staying ahead of the game

By using Instahyre, Roposo was able to tap talent that was not available on databases like Naukri, or on various other platforms. The company successfully hired 6 premium software engineers in just 5 months, including elusive mobile developers from product-based companies. Moreover, Instahyre’s pricing structure as compared to recruitment agencies offered a significant advantage.

Interacting with the Customer Success Manager has been a refreshing change, because more or less it’s usually difficult. And the platform in itself is very intelligent and easy to use. Quality of the candidates has been great.

The Roposo talent acquisition team continues to raise the bar on recruiting and using Instahyre as a key component of their strategy.

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