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Founded: 2014 Headquarters: Hyderabad Industry: Enterprise / Big Data

Simility provides an end-to-end anomaly detection platform that other companies use to prevent fraud and bad behaviour on their products. This includes a device fingerprinting service, a machine learning system and a intuitive workbench for analysis and writing manual rules.

The company was founded by Rahul Pangam (ex-Google Director), Kedar Samant (ex-Google Engineering Manager) and Uttam Phalnikar (ex-Jive Architect) has raised over $5 million in funding from Accel Partners, Trinity Ventures and The Valley Fund. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, it has an engineering office in Hyderabad.

The profiles that you display are fairly high quality and I think that you did a really good job, both in terms of showing candidates that fit our requirements and at the same time also the salary requirements. That was pretty awesome. I didn’t have to go through a lot of resumes to kind of like find the people we wanted to talk to. And also the data is neatly presented.
Ravi Sandepudi
Head of Engineering

As a core engineering company, Simility needed to hire 2 top tier developers for its India office. The positions required nuanced technical skill sets, along with cultural fit at a growing organization. These positions would impact Simility’s ability to rapidly develop its product.

Niche skill sets for a Silicon Valley company

The company’s Head of Engineering, Ravi Sandepudi, says “it is very difficult to find engineers who for machine learning or big data technologies, since it’s a newer domain and engineering colleges are not equipped in that area.” Furthermore, he explains that hiring fresh graduates is difficult for such roles. “It’s hard for us to evaluate which candidate is good for the data scientist role because many of them are getting academic or theoretical knowledge through the courses that they take but practical knowledge is lacking.”

Simility has tried several recruitment agencies, but they were unable to provide candidates of the calibre required by the company. “We have used 4-5 recruitment companies but didn’t have a great experience with them,” said Ravi.

Instahyre: Delivering high quality talent and ROI

Within a month of using Instahyre, Ravi was able to close both his immediate requirements. The platform’s proprietary matching algorithms allowed Ravi to interact with just the most relevant candidates, without the need to spend time filtering through large numbers of irrelevant candidates.

Not only was Simility able to find these hires quickly, but do so internally, at a fraction of the cost charged by recruitment agencies or traditional portals. Ravi continues to use Instahyre for all of Simility’s hiring requirements.

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