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Using Instahyre To Find Active Candidates At Low Cost

Founded: 2015 Headquarters: Mumbai Industry: Internet / Marketplace

Truce - True Price has been founded by IIT Bombay alumni with a vision to ensure a smooth and co-ordinated flow of commodities from the most efficient and abundant sources to the demand zones in India. In addition, Truce is also eliminating the information discrepancy around pricing and helping in identifying the 'True Price' for the seller as well as the buyer. The vision is to revolutionize the entire farm supply chain and determine the True Price for all farm products.

Before Instahyre, we didn’t have a database with us. We have tried LinkedIn, referrals and consultants but we were not able to get the correct talent what we were looking for. Instahyre is very convenient for us, and the pricing was much cheaper than others.
Satbir Saini
HR Manager

Reducing effort is a key challenge

Hiring can be very challenging for early stage startups like Truce that are looking for solid talent who will help shape the company. Prior to signing up for Instahyre, the company had tried various sources without much success. They tried posting jobs on LinkedIn but were not getting the desired kind of resumes, said Satbir Saini, HR Manager. They also tried reaching out to candidates on LinkedIn, but it’s drawbacks were immediately clear in terms of the effort required.

LinkedIn is just a social networking site. We don’t get to see a proper resume, CTC, or location preferences. We can only connect with them. If we want to tap a candidate from LinkedIn, it takes a lot of time. First we will give them our introduction, they will then introduce themselves, and then share resumes before we can even call.

The company has also tried consultants, without success. It is critical for a startup like Truce to find the right cultural fit. However, according to Satbir, “consultancies just stick to the JD part that we give them. Directly talking to the candidates makes a difference than bringing a middleman. Because the consultancies are not clear about what the company is.”

Another concern that Satbir had with consultants was the quality of profiles. “From consultancies we got a bunch of resumes, we did interviews, telephonic and in person and everything. But somewhere, after giving them test or sometimes even after telephonic, we didn’t find them that appropriate,” she says.

“For tech hiring we have used consultancies as well. But somehow, till date, we haven’t closed anyone from consultancies. No one.”

Enabling a more proactive approach to hiring

While considering alternative channels to source talent, Kedar Gokhale, co-founder of Truce decided to try Instahyre. The company was able to make their first hire within a month of starting on the Instahyre platform.

In particular, the ability to reach relevant candidates directly worked well for Truce. Unlike social networks like LinkedIn which are not purpose-built for hiring, on Instahyre Satbir was able to access the resume and other details of all candidates instantly. As she explains, “we are able to view their resumes, we can directly talk to them, and then judge them instead of bringing someone in between. We already have the details of their resume, their experience, their location and everything else. So it is very time saving for us.”

Instahyre is more user friendly that Naukri. I like the feature where we can share a personalized message with the candidate to get an introduction, so that was something interesting.

Furthermore, traditional platforms like LinkedIn and Naukri require the recruiter to create messages to send to candidates. Given the extremely tedious nature of this task, a recruiter typically chooses to send a generic message to all candidates, resulting in low engagement rates from candidates. Instahyre, on the other hand, automatically creates highly engaging, personalized messages for each candidate and company which can be sent with a click without the need to type anything.

Reducing time-to-fill as well as recruitment costs

Finally, Truce also benefitted from cost reduction by utilizing Instahyre. Compared to alternatives, Satbir explains “if we opt for a portal that is waste of money. Because we will surely take it for one year or six months but if down the line we don’t have any requirement, it is a waste. The pricing was very much cheaper than others. At least over consultancies who are not sharing that good candidates but are charging much more than you are charging.”

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