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Founded: 2014 Headquarters: Hyderabad Industry: Internet / Logistics

Turvo India is the world class R&D arm of a Palo Alto founded software company Turvo Inc. They are a software company working on building innovative software product and aim to redefine the trillion dollar logistics industry.

The company combines modern design principles with Data Science and Statistical & Probabilistic Modelling, and applies it to problems in the enterprise space. It was founded in 2014 with a vision to reimagine how the world moves things.

When I compare Instahyre to a lot of the others job posting sites that I’ve tried over the past few months, and I’ve tried a lot of places, the quality of the candidates is the best with Instahyre.
Apoorva Indla
Talent Acquisition Lead

Employer branding as a hiring challenge

As a high-tech research organization, it is crucial for Turvo to hire the best talent to build cutting edge solutions. They were looking for team players who’d fit right into their culture while bringing their strong technical skills. But it was not as easy as it looked on paper.

According to Apoorva Indla, Talent Acquisition Lead at Turvo, the key problem she faces is that “since we are currently a stealth mode startup, its very difficult to get a positive response from the candidates. So it’s very difficult to actually gain their interest.”

Trying to solve this unique problem, Apoorva had tried most tools in the market, but they were of little help. She elaborates, “I’ve been using job portals for the past 3 years but we’ve never had good quality of candidate pool.” That’s when Apoorva started using Instahyre, and it has quickly become her hiring solution of choice for active talent.

Instahyre has actually come as a surprise because I wasn’t very hopeful about the quality of the candidates. In fact, even in the past at previous companies, I’ve worked on job portal sites and never had such good quality. That’s also because I think you all do quality checks on your end before you actually send me the CV. So my inbox isn’t really flooded with junk and irrelevant candidates.

Intelligent matchmaking on Instahyre

Through Instahyre’s complete employer branding solution, Apoorva is able to attract a large number of qualified candidates despite not being able to do so via other channels. Furthermore, by providing access to only high-quality, vetted companies, Instahyre provides candidates with a sense of trust in companies using the platform.

Instahyre’s machine-learning based matchmaking algorithms ensured that a company gets just the right candidates from India’s largest pool of premium engineering talent, saving hundreds of hours of recruiter time. Apoorva says, “just the numbers aren’t that important, but the quality of people applying to us is very important. And you all maintain that, so I’m quite happy.”

I know if I have about 120 applications on Instahyre I can rely that a 100 of them would be people I want to take forward. Instahyre has definitely given us a good pool of candidates.

Closing positions effortlessly

Another aspect of Instahyre that has helped Turvo greatly is the ease of use. Reaching out to candidates is simple to a point. Apoorva notes, “we post jobs on Instahyre and people apply to us. It’s very simple and easy to understand. You have this page where various positions are mentioned and I can just view the profiles and download the CVs. It’s very simple to navigate.”

At Instahyre, our Customer Success Managers are there to help Apoorva succeed in accomplishing her hiring plans. “You all have been very active, regularly followed up with us, looked for feedback, and can call us back immediately if we need you,” remarks Apoorva.

As a result, Turvo was able to close 3 high-priority positions faster than ever before. Instahyre cut down the hiring time and provided an effortless experience, at a fraction of the cost charged by agencies.

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