Wooplr + Instahyre

Using Instahyre to Hire Top Quality Talent

Founded: 2013 Headquarters: Bengaluru Industry: E-Commerce / Mobile

Wooplr is India’s first social fashion discovery platform, a community of 3 million fashionistas. This stylish community helps users discover global & local fashion trends and where to buy them.

The company received $5 million in Series-A funding from Helion Ventures, and has several strategic investments from industry leaders like the co-founders of InMobi and Taxi for Sure.

Priyanka Lekhi
HR Manager
Compared to the other platforms, Instahyre has more options and the candidates are always more relevant to the openings that we have. Earlier we had very limited options from other recruiters, but after Instahyre all that has changed.

Challenge: consultants don’t have the quality

As a fast-growing technology startup, Wooplr is always on the lookout for top engineering talent. “As much as we look for the requisite skillsets in a candidate, what we particularly look for is perseverance, street smartness, and an open mind to appreciate the complexities of a startup environment.” says HR Manager Priyanka Lekhi.

The company has tried various options to source candidates, from recruitment agencies to LinkedIn. However, these sources have failed to deliver on the demanding standards set by the company’s hiring managers.

With consultants, if they send 10 profiles, 5 will be rejected in the very first go, while on LinkedIn I have to spend time to filter candidates.

Reaching high quality, active candidates on Instahyre

Wooplr started to use Instahyre in 2015 when their co-founders were looking to build their early team, while Priyanka has been using it ever since joining Wooplr.

Instahyre’s algorithms scan through dozens of metrics to find just the perfect candidates for Wooplr, making Priyanka’s job simple. On Instahyre, Priyanka does not need to spend hours searching for candidates and applying filter.

When it comes to LinkedIn I have to spend time to filter candidates, here you are doing it for me, also here it’s more role specific so it’s easier. And plus now we share a dashboard which you started, so it’s been really really smooth because of that.

Unlike on traditional job portals, candidates on the Instahyre platform are only matched with jobs they fit well, thereby saving time and effort for them as well as for companies. Moreover, a dynamic company profile enables each candidate to learn about the company culture before applying, ensuring a better fit for both sides.

A partnership to last

Wooplr has already closed 7 engineering and product management positions through Instahyre, which has been their single largest source of tech talent.

“The experience has been pretty good! We’ve hired quite a number of candidates and have been actively working on the openings.” Priyanka says, and we’ve never faced any issues regarding anything. Maybe you’re doing everything to perfection right now!”

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