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Hiring Faster Through a Filtered Pool of Candidates

Founded: 2012 Headquarters: Bengaluru Industry: Internet

Zenify is an leading online home rental aggregator and management startup. Founded by a team of passionate IIT graduates who want to create a difference in people's lives, Zenify leverages technology, analytics and design to provide a hassle free rental experience to owners and tenants.

Zenify's value proposition is two fold. Firstly, it provide apartment owners a perfect solution in handling all issues in renting out a apartment. Secondly, it make it extremely easy for prospective tenants to find the right apartment for their needs.

When we compare the hit ratio of any other source be it consultants, LinkedIn or Naukri with that of Instahyre, with Instahyre it’s always higher. If you give me 10 candidates, I’ll be accepting almost all of them, we hardly reject one odd candidate because the quality is so good.
– Vandana, HR Manager

Building long-term associations

With a tech team of around 20 people, Zenify understands that the culture and perks in a startup of their size is different from that in bigger organizations. Therefore, they look out for candidates with a zeal to learn and grow.

“We usually look for tier-1 candidates who are looking to enhance and grow their knowledge and build a strong career by being a part of a startup from the base. I am very proud to say that since the company’s commencement, only 1 member has left from the 13-14 member team,” says Vandana Prabhakar, HR Manager at Zenify.

Separating signal from noise

Having used a few local consultants and databases like LinkedIn and Naukri, the influx of profiles has never been a problem for Zenify, but quality of the profiles is often not up to the mark. This is where Instahyre has been of value.

Unlike traditional job portals that bombard the recruiter with large numbers of irrelevant profiles, Instahyre’s advantage comes from its matching engine that automatically picks a small number of highly relevant, active candidates for each job opening. The recruiter can then engage with these candidates through personalized messages that are automatically created based on each candidate’s profile.

Even from the Hiring Manager, we see just 1 or 2 rejects not more than that. We can say there is no junk from Instahyre, we get good quality profiles. Even the profiles that we reject are actually good, it’s just that they don’t match with the skill set that we are looking for.
HR Generalist

Instahyre allows recruiters the ability to zone in on the right candidates without wasting time on misfits, by providing complete information for each candidate including the resume, locations preferences, and salary.

“Even when it comes to CTC, the candidates we receive from Instahyre are within the bracket. One good thing about Instahyre is that they don’t try and push out of budget candidates on us like consultancies do, so that what I really like.”

Better hires make for a great company

In summary, Instahyre has provided a better quality of hires to Zenify, ensuring that the team at Zenify continues to build upon it’s solid foundation without the need to compromise their standards.

After hiring multiple software engineers on Instahyre, Vandana and Akhil believe that Instahyre has made hiring easier for them, and the team at Instahyre has proven to be efficient. “I had all updates almost immediately. And whenever I posted the requirements, the turn around time was quite good. Our relationship with the Customer Success Manager was highly effective,” says Akhil.

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