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“One of the best tools which we highly recommend. The quality of resume is really good. Most of the positions are closed through Instahyre.”

“The quality of profiles is really great on Instahyre. As compared to traditional platforms, most relevant and niche profiles are available.”

“Instahyre helped us make hires very quickly. We are amazed with their matching and all our stakeholders are delighted with the results!”

Automated sourcing at scale

Let Instahyre's advanced artificial intelligence algorithms "find" you the right people who are open to new opportunities. Our algorithm's accuracy can match the very best human recruiters, but at scale.

Immediate business impact

With Instahyre each of your recruiters sees a 2-3x increase in the number of candidate interviews. This not only results in substantial cost savings, but allows critical positions to be closed much faster.

Increased candidate engagement

Reach out to candidates with automatically generated personalized emails. Leverage your extra bandwidth to provide a world class candidate experience to attract and retain the best talent.

Leverage your brand

Employer branding is critical to attract talent in the modern economy. Branding features are built into Instahyre from ground up with a mobile-friendly and multimedia-enabled showcase for your culture.

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