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Looking for top tier talent? Instahyre has the largest pool of premium talent with 40% more premium profiles than Naukri.


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Tired of messaging candidates who don't reply? Instahyre gives you only candidates who are interested in new opportunities.


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Thanks to our proprietary machine learning algorithms, our customers make a hire with just 30 resume views on average.

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"Instahyre makes the whole process faster by automating a lot of communication and filtering. It also gives you candidates consistently who are fresh and active so that you don’t have to waste time chasing people, instead you end up working to get the right people onboarded on your team and move forward."

- Dhruv Mathur, CTO at Little Black Book

"One thing that was clear from the beginning was that the quality of candidates I got from Instahyre was very high. Almost all candidates we were getting on the platform were from product companies and came from good software engineering teams. Which made the conversion rate very high."

- Ankit Agrawal, CTO at Cityflo